The White Helmets and The OPCW

The OPCW special mission headed by Mamadou Yerbanga continues its work in Syrian Douma. The previous head, Saami Barek was called off to another mission, to Turkey, due to unknown reasons. Earlier, the Syrian opposition alleged that Bashar Al Assad used chemical ammunition in Idlib. They also said that the ammunition fragments had been sent to Turkey. It is likely that Saami Barek (from Tunisia) is now in Turkey or at the north of Syria to help the opposition in gathering ‘evidences’ to blame the Syrian government in using chemical weapon. The Tunisian is likely to have established contacts with “White Helmets” – the organization, which has many times been caught in making fake videos demonstrating ‘outcomes’ of use of chemical weapon by the Syrian army



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المنطقة الشرقية على صفيح ساخن.. الاهالي في مواجهة الانفصاليين الاكراد والمحتل الأمريكي المنطقة الشرقية

تجتاح مدينة الرقة مجدداً موجة من الاحتجاجات الشعبية ضد الميليشيا الكردية المسماة “قسد” وذلك بسبب …

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